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An Insight into Karachi,Pakistan's domestic violence & crime. (By Tim McGirk,TIME Magazine)
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Check out this website: http://10gui.com/
This is a graphical representation of different elements especially metal reserves left in this world. It depicts the earthly resources that have been consumed and the amount we are left with, estimating how many more years till we run out of them. It also shows a comparison between the consumption of such resources by United States against the rest of the world. (Source: Armin Reller, University of Augsburg; Tom Graedel, Yale University)
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Portraying the art of reverse poetry.
Welcome to "RaNDom sTufF". some of you might be wondering what is this? well, the answer is very simple, 'Its a blog'. I'm glad that the smart ones must have recognized it the moment they entered this page. I made this blog because I'm not intending to stand out from other bloggers, but rather share things that I feel others may find useful or interesting. At times I vist websites, read articles, reports etc. that interest me, unfortunately I dont seem to look back at it in the future or share it with other people. This would be a good opportunity for me to tag some of the interesting stuff that I may come across. I would check it out myself, read/view it, upload it here and recommend others to have a look at it. I call it 'Random Stuff' because I intend not to be specific about the content that I put on my blog rather anything & everything that is worth sharing will be placed on this blog.
I hope that you will like it and hope to visit this blog more often. enjoy :)

-- Arsalan Ahmed