Welcome to "RaNDom sTufF". some of you might be wondering what is this? well, the answer is very simple, 'Its a blog'. I'm glad that the smart ones must have recognized it the moment they entered this page. I made this blog because I'm not intending to stand out from other bloggers, but rather share things that I feel others may find useful or interesting. At times I vist websites, read articles, reports etc. that interest me, unfortunately I dont seem to look back at it in the future or share it with other people. This would be a good opportunity for me to tag some of the interesting stuff that I may come across. I would check it out myself, read/view it, upload it here and recommend others to have a look at it. I call it 'Random Stuff' because I intend not to be specific about the content that I put on my blog rather anything & everything that is worth sharing will be placed on this blog.
I hope that you will like it and hope to visit this blog more often. enjoy :)

-- Arsalan Ahmed



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    ArsALan AhmED

    Born: Oct 2nd 1986
    Place: Dubai UAE
    Alma Mater: University of Michigan,Ann Arbor
    Bio: enterpreneur, engineer, author, educator, researcher.

    Famous Quotes by ArsALan

    - "Live life today, for tomorrow is unseen"

    - "Knowledge does not have a price, Knowledge is Universal"

    - "Its amazing how pessimistic we are. how negatively we think about people & things that surround us.Its amazing how hard it is for us to appreciate things. It's amazing, It's amazing, It's just amazing"


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